About me - Foto Stephanie

Stephanie Quaye Naa Duku Founder & Headwrap Stylist

Headwrapping became very special to me when I started to wear it more often in the year 2015. Whenever I wear a headwrap I feel connected to my creator.  I became very creative in creating new styles by using African fabrics. In town, the Dutch people were always amazed by my Headgear and the vibrant presentation which is suitable for any occasion. Moreover, I feel connected to my Ghanaian Heritage and I am incredibly proud of my heritage. For some reason, a head tie illustrates African artwork. 

I mostly drew attention from people on the streets, on public transport where they kept staring at me. This is where it all began, after receiving several requests on how I achieved certain Headwrap styles I decided to teach others the skill. I organized my very first Headwrap styling workshop for a group of sisters whom I cherish a lot. Short after that session, I officially launched the Headwrap styling classes in September 2017.

People around me asked me how I tied my headwraps as I became very creative in creating new headwrap styles. Then I went ahead with organizing a special workshop for my sisters. This is how I built up the brand. Ultimately I want this brand to reach across the Diaspora as well as other ethnic groups in a Global way“.


Naa Duku is an empowerment and lifestyle brand which aims to bring women together with the art of African inspired headwrap styling in classy and comfy styles.


Naa = (Queen), Duku means scarf
Naa Duku was established in 2016 which aims to bring women together in order to equip them with the art of styling and wearing African inspired headwraps in classy and comfy styles. 

The brand specifically focuses on creating cultural awareness of African Heritage through the wearing of headwrap, empowering women to utilize their creativity in developing stylish headwraps and creating a space for women to have a deeper connection and build community with other women.

Based in The Netherlands, Amsterdam with a global reach and African roots, the brand provides headwrap styling workshops both in groups and individual 1:1 setting, in person and online to women who want to connect to their African Heritage in style, comfort and class within a community of women.